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Over 2 Hours of Original Music Available on All Streaming Platforms

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Services for Hire Including Mix/Master, Editing, Production and Session Work

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Music for listening enthusiasts, artists, content creators, filmmakers and game designers


Relentless Conviction (feat. Alex Casey) - PhantasmaPhonic | Song #39
Relentless Conviction (feat. Alex Casey) - PhantasmaPhonic | Song #39
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Tin Roof - PhantasmaPhonic | Song #38
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Limitless (ft. Anthony Freda) - PhantasmaPhonic | Song #37
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148 BPM | Fantasy Guitar Tapping Groove | Make It So  - PhantasmaPhonic | Song #36
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The Neverending Quest

Music has been our roots and ruckus for over 25 years. Both as a producer and an artist, we’ve garnered our proficiencies from both sides of the glass. Our growing library consists of music in genres such as EDM, Rock, Hip-Hop and Pop. Take a listen to the tracks below to get to know more about our sound.

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PhantasmaPhonic is available for streaming on the following platforms:

  • youtube
  • Spotify
  • iTunes
  • Apple
  • amazon
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Affordable options for artists, content creators, filmmakers and game designers!

Affordable options for artists, content creators, filmmakers and game designers!

PhantasmaPhonic has a growing library of well crafted music for lease. Our offerings can be obtained through music licensing platforms such as BeatStars and SongTradr. All songs are set at affordable rates. We can also start from scratch, tailoring a creation specific to your desires. We'll make your next project standout!

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Hire us for editing, mixing, mastering, production and session work!

We offer a list of gigs you can hire us on for your next musical project. With over a decade of professional experience, we are prepared to bring the most out of your tracks. 




Mixdown multitrack or stems using top of the line analog hardware and modern digital processing.

Finalize mixdowns to ensure proper tonal balance and dynamic range on all systems and media formats.

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Vocal Tuning

Correct, perfect, reshape and restructure vocals of all kinds in the highest quality possible.

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Session Work


Fill in the sonic landscape with features that help support and bring out the main and lead instruments.

Perform and record original guitar parts including rhythm and lead, both acoustic and electric.

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Drum Quantizing

Shift and align drum performance to provide a more beat-accurate timing.

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Our goal on Patreon is to create a personal and long-lasting relationship with our fans. Your support will help provide the overhead needed to continually create content. As a Patron member you will be granted benefits ranging from SHOUT-OUTS to EXCLUSIVE CONTENT.

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We're listening, too!

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